Western Cross - Designed & Rusted Original - 17"x 17" Rusted Cotton - W-WC1-NI


Beautiful hand rusted and tea dyed fabric creates the perfect pillow. This pillow was rusted and accented with Chocolate Tea.

All pillows have finished inside seams, trimmed with hand made welt cording and include a Invisible Zipper - Hand Wash

Each pillow is hand dyed using a metal template and natural silk fabric.
Rusted Template, natural teas, herbs & spices and vinegar.

At Rusty Dog Textiles we create our fabrics in collaboration with Mother Nature.

Using our own unique designs along with the blazing hot Arizona sun and the naturally occurring oxidation process, we create one of a kind fabrics for our pillows and totes.

Minute changes in the daily weather causes each piece to be truly unique. No two could ever be the same with this process.

Bring a touch of the amazing power of Mother Nature into you home with one of our Rusty Dog Textile products.

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